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Our Story

Blaine & González was formed in order to offer language and communication-related solutions to massive global problems that affect everyone equally across the world.

Originally conceived of as "Approaching Infinity", by Founder Justin Pickering, B&G was dreamed up under that name on Canal Street in New Orleans in 2008. At the time, Mr. Pickering was a Floor Manager (formerly known as "Pit Boss") at Harrah's Hotel & Casino.

One night, while heading to a bar with some colleagues to relax after a long shift, an idea popped into his head as he walked by the water-scarred buildings, ruined by the floods, impossible-to-clean algae, and the general devastation and depression that Hurricane Katrina left in its wake. Much of this damage left behind that has still not been cured or healed in any way to this day.

Shocked, Mr. Pickering thought was "Where are the dump trucks? The garbage removal? The water purification? There are so many missing pieces! Why can't there be a company that just helps everyone clean up everything? How come these industries don't talk to each other?"

Blaine & González's vision is 15 years in the making. Our values reflect Team B&G's collective life experience. We are people from America, Zimbabwe, Sudan, Australia, Spain, Mexico, Egypt, Greece, Italy, Canada and many other wonderful nations all over the world. Many of us have PhDs. Some of us are self-taught at our trades. Some of us have read 1000 books in our lifetime. Some of us play video games and go to the gym for fun in our spare time.

What is compelling about Team B&G's story is that we come from all walks of life, are all different colors of the racial rainbow, speak dozens of languages between us and all agree on ONE THING:

"There is hope to make our home planet better for the future."

That one sentence sums up B&G's fighting spirit and combines with our Four Design Principles - The 4-H's.


And those values and our story add up to who we are as a company: Blaine & González, LLC.

A translation firm that is a certified US Federal Vendor that also:

*makes and sells helpful communication software
*bridges cultural and language gaps

*helps others make sense of complex business and political dynamics the world over

*charges fair rates for our work to be accessible to all
*is 100% remote since 2010 (before it was "cool")

*has a culture based on collegiality, integrity, and mutual respect of lifestyle, family and personal schedule

*available to anyone who wishes to seek our assistance
*a fun place to be where learning and education are the constant focus

*is a place where workplace bullies are not tolerated to any extent

*makes history with our network, connections, projects and

collaborations around the world

B&G is a great place to be, but it's also not special. Anyone is capable of putting together an amazing company like ours over 14 years.

We can show you how if you want and we can be your partners on your 21st Century journey.

It is 2023 and things do not seem like they are getting any easier, do they?

Let B&G help you out of a jam with our particular brand of compassionate insight.

We don't see business as COMPETITION.


The new way to WIN is to COOPERATE.

It's one big global world in a vast, infinite universe.

Don't play the game alone.

Let B&G help you choose your brand's adventure of a lifetime and find safe passage to the goal of your choosing.

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To Hear More of Our 14-Year Story, Contact Us Here:

We are here to help with your language service needs Monday - Friday, 9AM - 5PM, Eastern Standard Time.

+01 781-240-9995

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