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Father and Son Playing
 B&G is the product of 13 years of hard work and dedication from many different kinds of people.

Our existence is the result of the knowledge of Hispanic teachers, the savvy of multilingual creative directors, the unique viewpoint of African executives, the mystique of El Salvadoran professors and the arcane know-how of many wise & powerful corporate players working in conjunction with the most highly-skilled and qualified public school teachers available.

After 13 years in business, we continue to operate successfully with EVERYONE in mind!

We take great pride and care in leading the way to a better tomorrow for human communication.

Sensitve Data is our speciality. 

You can trust us with it. You can know that we will make sure it is safe and well looked-after. You can trust that our network of pros are on the case, ensuring the outcome that you desire.

Hire us today. We've been in business 13 years. We are licensed, bonded US Federal Language Services Contractors.

You will not regret it.


Justin Pickering



We offer impeccable translations into or from English from many world languages. We can execute language-related work in Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Urdu, Pashto, Hindi, and Arabic. We are members of an online community exclusively made up of translators and interpreters from all around the world. These are vetted language professionals who are experts in their field and who are native speakers of your language of choice. Our expertise covers the following areas: social science, neuroscience, general medicine, health care, psychology, literature, philosophy, education, general law, general business, software, marketing, and sales.

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