Partial Client List

Our respected and honored clientele speak for themselves. We are eternally grateful for their patronage and continue to serve them faithfully. 

For the past 12 years, B&G has translated sensitive student data for public school systems such as:


Outbound parental communications
Web copy
Social media posts
Operations manuals
Student handbooks

We are certified US Federal translation vendors on the General Services Administration (GSA), a.k.a. "the Federal schedule".

This means we are one of only 95 translation companies nationwide certified to provide translation service a to the US Federal Government (FBI, Airforce, Navy, Army, DoD, DEA, etc.)

Here is a short list of a few of our satisfied, recurring clients:

Vanderbilt University
Brandeis University
The Drug Enforcement Administration
The US Department of State
The US Embassy in Harare, Zimbabwe
15 Public School Systems in the USA
Flexi Africa (E-commerce firm)
A $30M/year publisher in New England (name redacted upon client request)
Winchester Police Department (Winchester, MA)
The son of a former President (name withheld for security reasons)

I'm looking to meet public school system superintendents, Directors of Special Education, and any Federal entity leader who needs translation services.

We will also help corporate leaders like CEOs, Sales Directors, Marketing Directors and Social Media Directors with translating your web copy, social media, operations manuals, outbound client communications, etc. into 190 languages.

We belong to That's one way we staff our task orders. It's an online community of accredited translators from which we put together teams for your important translation jobs.

Our own in-house network consists of multi-ethnic and multi-lingual academics with masters degrees and/or PhDs in their field from major, accredited universities.

This is how you know with B&G, you are only getting translation work from top talent.

Our main differentiator is our people.

To learn how to work with us, and for pricing and services, or to just geek out about languages, translation, and communication email me, Justin Pickering, CEO, at