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Office of the USA-Zimbabwe Business Attaché 

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What B&G + Zimbabwe can do for you:

Blaine & González, LLC is proud to partner with the US Embassy in Harare to bring you the Office of the USA-Zimbabwe Business Attaché.

Our mission is to ensure that US-based business entering Africa have all of the advantages needed to make launch or transition to the Continent as smooth and painless as possible.

Many business think they are ready to enter Africa, but often times, there are considerations that were overlooked.

B&G preps your business by educating you on the following key elements of working in Africa before you break ground.

As you can see, our entire service offering is based on financial prudence and ensuring safe passage of funds from the US to Africa for investment into large-scale development projects.


  • Country risk mitigation

  • Assistance navigating complex local bureaucracy

  • Cultural Concierge between the 54 African nations

  • Language Services Division that provides interpreting and document translation services in both general business and specified fields

  • Sales/marketing/branding consultation

  • Customized risk mitigation vehicles

  • Customized cyber security solutions designed to protect your individual transaction

  • Board meeting moderation services

All of our pricing is customized. No two jobs are the same. Therefore, we do not offer a universal pricing model.

B&G is a GSA (General Services Administration) contract holder.

Federal Supply Group: 00CORP    
Contract Number:  47QRAA18D00G2

For further information, please contact us and leave us a note with the exact nature of your inquiry.


Let’s Work Together

65 Eastern Avenue

Woburn MA, 01801

Tel: +01 781-240-9995

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