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At B&G, LLC, Our Stories Are Our Power.

They Entertain The World In The Language of Inspiration.


                                     Say "¡Hola!" to B&G's Entertainment Division.

B&G's network of entertainment professionals is vast. All of our entertainment pros are active in their creative fields right now, have a presence on IMDB, are hooked into all the appropriate social media outlets and, as brilliant promoters and builders of brands, these artists have a generated a massive track record of creative media successes.

How can we kick start your entertainment project?

Below is a list of available resources. Pick and choose as you think fits your passion project's most particular needs:

  • Writers 

  • Actors

  • Voice-over actors

  • Producers 

  • Directors

  • Media Technology Trainers

  • Access to other networks that can produce the talent you need to create a project that really WOWs the world!

Please contact us to see how our creative consultants can help you orient your media project to the right audience, help you find the people you need to make it happen, find project managers to keep you organized, and the right entertainment and finance professionals to turn your large media project into a reality.

What We


Story Development

Having trouble telling your story? We can get you started. Our staff writers are happy to sit with you and help you develop your storyline so that it reaches the people you need it to reach.


Creative Direction

In both a personal and project sense. We can help you explore your personal creative possibilities more deeply in a safe, fun way. Or we can manage your project for you at a reasonable cost.


Creative Advisory

Yes, Creativity is free-flowing and belongs to all AND there are established industry practices that exist to make sure only the most meaningful works get out there on the Internet. We are inundated every day by creative overload on dozens of streaming channels with thousands of choices for video games and entertainment. What makes a particular creative work "good"? We can help you understand that so you succeed.


Script Treatment

Writing a story isn't just a matter of sitting down at your keyboard and hammering out some words. There has to be structure, flow, themes, and organization according to industry-approved formatting. Let us help you develop these talents so you have a strong chance at getting your creative work viewed by the right people.



If your creative work does not resonate deeply with people from cultures other than your own, its chances of success are minimal. We are able to help you understand why translation and localization are key facets for any and all creative works from video games go music to film and writing. Let us show you what we mean.


Start-Up Advisory Services

A Start-Up Company IS a creative act. It's not just a business. Team B&G has been a successful business for 14 years, survived a Pandemic, and is growing every day.

Our definition of "success" in business is COLLABORATION, not COMPETITION.

Work with us to find how to get your business started so that you, as Founder, your team, and all your clients experience the tytpes of victories they want and we have been so fortunate to acheive.

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