Creative Development Incubator

B&G is a Creative Development Incubator.


What's that mean?


It means that we will work with any professional who has a creative project they wish to share with the world who shows us they have the right stuff to see the creative process through to the end.


Movies? Yes.

Scripts? Yes.

Digital Art? Yes.

Books? Yes.

Our role is guidance, coaching, inspiration, project oversight, and management.

Your role is to bring your best creative self to the table, work hard, and do your best to produce your master work.

How does payment work?

B&G will avail its considerable resources to you in exchange for a small percentage of the profits of your project.

We succeed by your talent.


You succeed by our guidance and experience.


That's the quid pro quo.

Each project is individual and budget, size, scope, and scale will be determined on an as-needed basis.

We use fully licensed attorneys in all of our dealings, so everything is spelled out black-on-white on paper for all parties to see, above board and documented.

The original creator retains all rights to the project. B&G's only stake is management and profits on the back end.

Any questions?



Justin Pickering

Creative Director